14th Conference

Current Developments in EU Water Policy

November 4, 2019 14:30 – 17:00
November 5, 2019 09:30 – 13:30

With the elections already over, the developments in water policy will be back on the European policy agenda. The upcoming EWA event will address the most recent information on achievements and challenges both in the European as well as the international water policy as seen from the Commission as well as from UNESCO. A special interest in the newly composed Commission, an update on the process of reviewing the Water Framework Directive and the evaluation process of the Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive will be on the agenda at the events in November! The topics of the impacts of organic farming as well as micro pollutants, among other interesting subjects, will be discussed at this two-day event! Please find the program in the link below


The William Dunbar Medal Award Ceremony

November 4, 2019 17:30 – 20:00

On the eve of the 14th EWA Brussels Conference, the European Water Association (EWA) will award the William Dunbar Medal. Since 1973, the Dunbar Medal has been donated by Messe München International and awarded by the EWA to an individual, who has made a major contribution to the science and/or technology of water or wastewater management.

This year’s winner is Prof. Dr. Jean Berlamont from Belgium.

Water Policy Seminar

November 6, 2019 09:00 – 13:30

The EWA Water Policy Seminar has during past years provided an overview on EU institutions, their interaction and decision-making processes, as well as possibilities, paths and legal rights for access to information and documents, and a summary of water-related policy and legislation.

The forthcoming months will see major developments in European water policy

  • Drinking Water Directive: revision of this 1998 Directive currently past its 1st reading in the European Parliament; but no decision indicated by the second of the legislators, the Council);
  • Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive: evaluation (“REFIT”) ongoing, possibly leading to amendments of this 1991 Directive;
  • Water Framework Directive: undergoing its statutory review under article 19(2), together with its Daughter Directives (Groundwater Directive 2006) and Environmental Quality Standards Directive 2008) and the 2007 Floods Directive.

The 2019 EWA Water Policy Seminar will provide you information and exchange of views on the challenges identified, as well as possibly outcomes, not least looking at the decision taking processes and the composition of the newly elected European Parliament.

The EWA Water Policy Seminar will cover

  • Future developments in EU water policy – focus, expectations, concerns;
  • The challenge of implementation – with emphasis on four key elements of water legislation

– Water Framework Directive
– Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive
– Drinking Water Directive
– Nitrates Directive.

The time schedule will allow for ample time for discussion and complementary questions.

The seminar aims at planners and decision makers at local, regional and national level, in municipalities and regional authorities and agencies, in branches of the water industry as well as in non-governmental organisations and stakeholder bodies.



Registration via EWA.