VLARIO is an independent non-governmental and non-profit organization in Flanders (Belgium). VLARIO is the consulting platform and information and knowledge centre for Flemish sewerage professionals and has the following targets:

VLARIO is willing to participate and to cooperate in a European network based on the principles of supporting the making of the European water policy (especially as we are living in Flanders and are at home in Brussels).

  • VLARIO offers an independent platform for experts of rainwater, wastewater and integral water management;
  • VLARIO collects knowledge through continuous consultation and exchange of experience with all market players, national and international;
  • VLARIO propagates this knowledge via publications and the organization of seminars, workshops, lectures and study groups;
  • VLARIO supports the ambition of Flemish towns and cities in pursuing quality and applying the ‘Principles of integrated sewerage management”;
  • VLARIO has 450 members, such as most of the Flemish towns and cities, regional authorities, Aquafin, consulting engineers, certification bodies, contractors and industrial companies.

Target group

  • Commissioners and decision makers from the Flemish public sector (Flemish authorities and related institutions, cities and municipalities, sewerage administrations, associations of municipal corporations, water companies, and provinces);
  • Commissioners, decision makers and executors from the Flemish private sector (engineering offices, contractors, supply companies, inspection companies and Aquafin);
  • Investigation and research centres (universities, research institutions,…);
  • The Flemish population.

8 working groups, each treating specific topics

  • WG 1: Sewerage financing
  • WG 2&3: Concepts and calculation of sewerage
  • WG 4: Sewerage and water treatment in rural areas
  • WG 5: Type specification lists and standards in cooperation with the engineering offices
  • WG 6: Quality control and choice of materials in the sewerage sector;
  • WG 7: Sewerage management
  • WG 8: Trenchless techniques for municipal (sewer) infrastructure works.


  • Bimonthly consultations with the sector’s most important partners through the advisory committee, in which current matters are critically discussed  and the foundations for the future activities of VLARIO are determined;
  • Regular consultation with the Environment Cabinet;
  • Consultation with the sewerage administrators and the Flemish municipalities through the Flemish Association for Towns and Municipalities (VVSG);
  • Three-monthly publication of the VLARIO Newsletter;
  • Organization of the annual VLARIO day with a traditional sewerage market;
  • Organization of courses: “Sewerage” building site surveillance, draw-up of specifications, visual inspection of sewer lines, control of individual water treatment  installations and of small sewage treatment plants, disconnection consultant, inspection of private sewerage, disconnection contractor, … ;
  • Organization of workshops: disconnection and infiltration of rainwater, VAT issues of the municipality, explanation of the standardized specification list 250, sewerage screening, renovation or replacement of sewers,… .